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Planetary gear reducer

行星齿轮减速机的贴点结构介绍  行星齿轮减速机传动机构为齿轮,其结构非常简单,想象一个大一个小圆形,圆同心,在两轮之间的环形部分有三个其他小圆形,四周是最大的一个内齿圈,其他四个小圆弧齿轮,中间的太阳轮三,其他小圆称为行星轮,伺服电机驱动太阳行星齿轮减速机,太阳轮带动支撑内齿圈行星轮,行星轮通过其相互作用与外齿圈啮合传动,带动外齿圈与输出轴连接,达到减速的目的。行星减速机的特点是结构紧凑,回程间隙小,精度高,使用寿命长,额定输出扭矩可大。 Planetary gear reducer transmission mechanism is a gear, its structure is very simple, imagine a big one small two round, two round concentric, in the two round between the annular portion has three other small round, all round in the biggest one is inner gear ring, the other four small circular are gear, intermediate the sun wheel, three other small round called planet wheel, the servo motor drives the sun gear reducer, a sun wheel to drive the supporting inner tooth ring of the planetary wheel, planet wheel through its interaction with the outer gear ring meshing transmission, drive and outer gear ring is connected with the output shaft, and reach the purpose of deceleration.Planetary speed reducer is characterized in the structure is compact, return gap small, high precision, long service life, rated output torque can be large.