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The basic structure of the speed reducer

The basic structure of reducer pinion and shaft are made into a whole, called the gear shaft. The structure of speed reducer gear for diameter and the diameter of the shaft of similar circumstances, if the diameter of the shaft is D, gear root circle diameter is D1, when the d1-d is less than or equal to 6~7m., it adopts the structure, when d1-d > 6~7m. adopts the structure of gear and shaft is separated two parts, such as the low speed shaft with the big gear. At this point the gear and shaft fixed in the circumferential direction by a flat key connection parts on the shaft by a shaft shoulder, shaft sleeve and a bearing cover is axially fixed. Two axis adopts deep groove ball bearing. This combination is used to bear radial load, axial load and small situation, when the axial load is larger, should use the angular contact ball bearings, tapered roller bearings or combined structure of deep groove ball bearing and thrust bearing. The bearing is rotated splashed thin oil lubrication of gears were used. Lubricating oil box seat of oil pool to splash, splash into the inner wall of the box cover, along the inner wall to flow to the branch height surface groove, through the oil guiding grooves into the bearing. When the speed of immersion gear V is less than or equal to 2m/s, should use grease lubrication bearing, in order to avoid the possible oil off the grease spattered the thin, can be used can not separate. In order to prevent the loss of lubricant and outside the dust enters in the box, in the bearing end cover and the extended shaft which is arranged between the sealing element. The box is an important part of reducer. It is the base of transmission parts, should have enough strength and stiffness. The box body is usually made of grey cast iron manufacturing, reducer for heavy load or impact load can be employed in cast steel box. Reducer is a single production, in order to simplify the process, reduce the cost, the box can be made of steel plate welding. Gray cast iron has good casting properties and damping performance. In order to facilitate the installation of shafting parts disassembly, box body made of horizontal split along the axis line. The lid of the box and a lower box body by bolts are connected into a whole. Bolts of bearing seat should be close to the bearing seat hole, and a bearing seat emperor boss, should be enough to put the supporting surface, connecting bolts, and to ensure the wrench space needs to tighten the bolt at. In order to ensure the body has enough stiffness, the bearing hole near with support ribs. In order to ensure the gear reducer arranged in the base and stability, and reduce the machining area of the box base plane of the base of the box body generally do not use the complete plane. Reducer box bottom surface under the adoption of the two longitudinal strip shape processing base.