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The difference between the speed reducer and the reducer

The difference between the speed reducer reducer and reducer and reducer: can often hear the reducer and the reducer of the two nouns in the production life, from the literal understanding, two machine only one word difference, is a machine, a machine, but the two machines are used in a very wide range of areas, for their understanding must be thorough, so, the following will detail the speed reducer and the reducer difference. Consulting in many experts, deceleration technology objectively speaking, in reality there are few who deliberately to the difference between the speed reducer and the reducer, because for most people it, these two terms that everyone can understand, it is not necessary to carefully talk. But because of this paper is the difference of the topic, so use industry common difference concept is: Generally speaking, the reducer is without motor, reducer reducer structure is not the same, as reducer, it was just a single reducer. That is to say, the attached device which does not exist, the same, there is a machine called a gearbox, which is what kind of equipment? Gearbox is the role of reducing the rotating speed of a power source, in the final analysis, its role and the speed reducer and the reducer are very similar. Similarly, no motor reducer and reducer, this is the same, and between the two there is a common point that is only one speed reducer, the speed reducer box was device in the box in the. The above detailed explanation of the difference between the speed reducer and the reducer, actually effect, the difference between them is very little, in certain occasions, no one even take the initiative to understand their differences, but as want to focus on learning the popular machinery in these industries we, for two, including the definition and distinction of the gear box, can't neglected. Although this is only a minor topic, but we know it, is in itself a serious and careful attitude. Regardless of in the building or machinery or other required the use of precision machinery industry, keep careful is always necessary qualities. Then when the rapid development in all walks of life, always keep highly careful attitude. Through subtle difference between speed reducer and reducer, not only enable us to supply obtained from knowledge, but also from the spirit have a greater harvest.