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RV cycloid pin wheel reducer exhibition and characteristics

RV cycloid pin wheel reducer is a new type reducer growing up in the cycloid pin gear transmission based on. It has the advantages of small volume, light weight, large transmission ratio transmission category, obey the elementary a series of characteristics. This machine is used widely in mechanical industry, transmission process often due to stop or reciprocating swing sharp robot arm and the occurrence of static change moment, makes the present changing vibration reducer assembly.
The domestic on RV cycloid pin wheel reducer research started relatively late, in the dynamic characteristics and research is not much. As usual is aimed at changing vibration problem of RV cycloid pin wheel reducer used in reality and create change vibration model, but on the natural frequency of the RV cycloid pin wheel reducer effect especially is an important element of the first order natural frequency of the different views of A. Create a model using bulletin matrix method, thought that the static functional output shaft to change rigidity against system influence biggest, but the model seems to be negotiable place. The creation of 5 degrees of freedom to change the model, it points out that the first order natural frequency of the RV cycloid pin wheel reducer system important by double crank shaft stiffness resolution changes. Creates 13 degree of freedom model, there is no clearly pointed out an important factor affecting the system of first-order natural frequency. The documents did not affect consider bearing stiffness, but the large transmission RV reducer is larger than that of crank shaft bearing force at both ends, but relatively small bearing stiffness.
According to the RV cycloid pin wheel reducer reality activity relationship, change the dynamics model including pure create bearing stiffness elements, the first-order natural frequency of training a numerical system, analysis of the important influence factors, and through practice verify the usefulness of the mold