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General MB stepless reducer

General MB stepless reducer MB stepless speed reducer: MB stepless reducer mainly comprises a driving wheel device, pressing the friction drive mechanism, speed control mechanism. 1 stable performance: the transmission part of the machine through a special heat treatment, precision machining parts of Mount Sassafras, good lubrication, smooth running, low noise, long life. 2 high strength: the impact of negative plant in Canada or the machine turned, the machine performance is reliable, precision turning, back seat calendar. 3 coaxial structure: the input shaft, output shaft rotation in the same direction, small volume, light weight. 4 high speed regulation precision: speed accuracy of 1--0.5 turn. 5 load conditions in the permit, the constant speed setting; 6 large speed range: gear ratio was 1:5, i.e., the output speed can be changed from 1:45 to 1:7.25. 7 combination of ability: This machine can be combined with various types of speed reducer, the realization of low speed, large torque regulation of the speed effect. 8 sealing the entire machine, suitable for wet, dusty, with mild corrosive working environment.