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Hardened reducer

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JIG series reducer

Jig series reducer load test run

Reducer load test sample according to table 1-2 hold.

Table 1-2 load test run of the working conditions and operation time

The serial number of the motor speed

Motor power (r/min)

(kW) the grinding body is arranged in the amount (%) operation time

(H) remarks

1 additional speed 1/3P 3316 P: the condition of extra power motor running time can credential mill test run rules.

2 additional speed 1/2P 5016

3 additional speed 3/4P 7516

4 additional speed 9/10P 9016

5 additional speed P 10020

Operation of each working condition speed reducer, every 60min in addition to 5.2.2 recorded content records, additions include the following contents:

The cooling water flow rate (m3/h) cooling water outlet temperature (DEG C)

Cooling water entrance temperature (c) musical sound and vibration reducer

Check the contents of the empty load operation of jig series reducer

Reducer empty load (not mounted ball mill) running time is 360min, in the operation of each 30min check the records are as follows:

Temperature (c) the main motor speed (r/min

Oil outlet temperature (c) the main motor voltage (V)

Reducer smooth oil outlet pressure (Mpa) the main motor current (A)

The temperature at each bearing (c) the strainer mesh cleanliness

Check and acceptance of jig series reducer

Reducer commissioning operation ended, held a specific check, its contents are as follows;

Check the records and test run; the right of each control system reliability check; check the oil filter and clean the whole operation system; check reducer each connection is loose. With 4 three-dimensional environment on the bottom plate of the box body level instrument measurement (reaction after the foundation can sink).

The inspection shall be recorded and one-sided ink picture records, and as the approval according to the.

The use of jig series reducer maintenance

Jig series reducer is fine, tension equipment, we must strengthen the management and maintenance, use the operator one-sided met the reducer grasp instructions requested, and in accordance with the implementation of it. Equipment management staff should be daily running record analysis credentials reducer operating environment, necessary stop checking real clear obstacles, to prevent a grim results.

Using JS series reducer maintenance include this: preparation before the start of the manipulation of pace, stop the pace of manipulation, in operation check.

Jig series reducer before starting the pace with the manipulated shutdown

The pace of reserve manipulation before the start of the 1 speed reducer

Every time you start the main motor must be checked before installation, slow drive clutch and make it away with the main reducer, must press the oil station instructions to be checked after maintenance to delineate the main reducer and slow drive reducer oil supply pressure, confirm that reach the designated value (0.15-0.3Mpa), can start the motor at things.

The 2 stop manipulating pace

Because of various reason downtime or main reducer or slow driver installation things, should stop or slow the main motor driving motor things. Because of the inertia sake, will swing speed reducer, reducer must stay completely stop the operation, can close the oil station to stop the oil supply, or will be burning bush and failure of reducer.

Jig series reducer test run period check

Reducer test run period operators should enhance the inspection tour, for running record, the invention is very sound or other topic should immediately stop check.

Every 4 hours to check a reducer filter screen, such as the invention of metal debris or other impurities, should be down to find out the reason and confirm, hinder the peace after the removal, square can inherit operation.

The speed reducer bearing temperature, lubricating oil pressure or other system above the additional settings, alarm system alarm should immediately stop and check Ming reason to be removed, do not allow the reason is found out or hinder uncleared forced to start work before removal of insurance installation.