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Hydraulic speed reducer

Hydraulic speed reducer, including a cam dispatcher, through the cylinder adjacent to the oil pipe and the corresponding to the piston rod, each cylinder and crankshaft adjacent, each oil inlet valve cam dispatcher in said this in the high-pressure oil feed pipe through a dispatcher adjacent rotor; the rotor dispatcher with a continuous connected with the oil inlet of the oil pump, for receiving a plurality of oil pump and original ability on cylinder things area control inaccurate, and affect the stability of the input power of speed reducer and a matter of.

Lifting hydraulic system should choose the suitable hydraulic oil hydraulic system with hoisting mechanism should choose the suitable hydraulic oil hydraulic oil pressure plays a pass, lubrication, cooling, sealing role in the hydraulic system, the hydraulic oil is not appropriate to select the main reason of hydraulic system of lifting mechanism failure and the durability of early drop. Should according to "manual" stipulated in the brand choice of hydraulic oil, special circumstances need to use substitute oil, should strive for the same performance with the original brand performance. Different grades of hydraulic oil cannot be mixed, hydraulic oil to prevent chemical reaction, change in performance. Dark brown, white, the smell of the hydraulic oil is the oil deterioration, can not be used.

The advantages and disadvantages of the advantages of hydraulic transmission hydraulic reducer reducer in: 1) from a structural point of view, the output power and the output power of the size of units per unit of weight is the highest in the four kinds of transmission way, there is a moment of inertia big ratio in transfer under the same power, the speed reducer hydraulic transmission device has the advantages of small volume, light weight, small inertia, compact structure, flexible layout. 2) from the working performance, speed, torque and power can be adjusted, the action fast response, can quickly reversing and speed, wide speed range, speed range is 100:l to 2000:1; the action fast and good, control is relatively simple, operating more convenient, labor-saving, convenient and is matched with the electrical control, and with the CPU (computer) connection, easy to realize automation. 3) from the use and maintenance, components of the self lubrication, easy to achieve overload protection and holding pressure, safe and reliable; the element is easy to realize the serialization, standardization and generalization. 4) all reducer safety and reliability of equipment adopts the hydraulic technology is good. 5) economic: hydraulic technology of plasticity and variability is very strong, can increase the flexible production flexibility, and easy to change and adjust the production program, hydraulic components relative to said to manufacturing cost is not high, strong adaptability. 6) new technology of hydraulic easily with the screw lift control combination, constitute the "machine - electric - hydraulic - light" integration has become the trend of the world, to facilitate the realization of digital. Everything has two sides, the speed reducer hydraulic transmission is not exceptional also, next we see hydraulic defects: 1) the hydraulic transmission due to the existence of relative motion surface inevitably spill, oil is not absolutely incompressible, coupled with the elastic deformation of tubing, hydraulic transmission can not be strict transmission ratio. And therefore cannot be used as inner drive chain gear machine tool in processing thread. 2) flow process in oil exists along the loss, partial loss and leakage loss, lower transmission efficiency, is not suitable for long distance transmission. 3) at high and low temperature conditions, the speed reducer adopts hydraulic transmission is difficult. 4) to prevent the spill and to meet certain performance requirements, hydraulic components manufacturing high precision, bring certain difficulty to use and repair and maintenance. 5) failure is not easy to check, especially hydraulic technology is not very popular units, this contradiction is often hindered the further promotion and application of hydraulic technology. Hydraulic equipment maintenance needs to rely on experience, training technical personnel of the longer hydraulic.