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Shenzhen Chuangri Seiko technology Co., Ltd. is a collection of scientific research design, production, sales in one of the Taiwan joint venture. Taiwan Seiki Limited by Share Ltd between enterprises, a good partner and domestic famous enterprises. The company has domestic and foreign advanced Swiss A2A. 21A. 2B dish schouw and gear grinding machine, Germany, however, hobbing machine, gear grinding machine with XD7163 conical wheel gear grinding machine, 215. THA6350 horizontal machining center, WENIEL three coordinate measuring machine. Advanced technology and years of professional manufacturing experience, the company product model is more complete, provide mechanical industry more complete service.

The processing technology and engineer superior development ability, developing all kinds of reducer transmission system for your strict requirements on transmission machinery, we worked hard to develop together with you.

Total quality management is not just a slogan, our commitment to the quality policy, to fully meet your requirements and precision machine quality as the criterion. Sincerity, innovation, science and technology is the core idea of all our colleagues to follow the common, it is our purpose to serve the public, this belief will be you and I worked hard, brave to the original power forward.

Company main products: micro, small, medium, large gear reducer series, cast iron worm gear reducer series, aluminum alloy worm gear reducer series, series, continuously variable transmission, R, K, F, S helical gears, bevel gear reducer of hard toothed surface, precision servo reducer, cycloid reducer series, screw rod lifting series, frequency converter, fan, series of three-phase asynchronous motor. Shenzhen Chuangri Seiko technology Co. Ltd sincerely look forward to working with your cooperation!